1st and 2nd Grade
Adventure around every corner!

This is the perfect place to send your campers who have just completed 1st and 2nd grade.  D1 is designed to bring out these campers’ sense of competition through wacky, fun, and exciting games that we have created just for them! At this age, D1 campers are beginning to explore their own identity while also learning to work well with others. Our amazing college-age counselors are ready to encourage and love each camper as we play games, debrief activities, discover skills, and talk about the one who created us. Come experience why people call CAA “the place to be” in D1!


AGE: 1st – 2nd grade (grade just completed)
RATIO: 8 campers to 1 counselor
TEAMS: Ducks vs. Sharks


D1 Sample-01


Campers will be exposed to and given opportunities to work with mixed media throughout the week and bring their masterpieces home!

Campers will have the chance to participate in Dance, Drama, and will also join art specialty for one day.

Campers will be taught proper mechanics in dribbling, shooting and footwork. Drills are designed for the beginner as well as intermediate player.

Campers will learn cheers, motion techniques, basic partner stunt skills, jump techniques and how to incorporate it all together into one fun routine.

Campers will be introduced to and encouraged to progress in basic skills including rolls, cartwheels, handstands, and back bends. They will work on balance, coordination, and body awareness while having fun learning skills on balance beam.

The week will begin with several low element activities as well as group initiatives designed to challenge campers and help them learn to work with team mates. All campers will have the opportunity to conquer the Rock Wall and participate in at least two additional “high elements” like our Giant Swing! Camp All-American is a member of ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) and meets all recommended standards.

We teach the fundamentals of soccer through fun and entertaining games that will enhance a player‘s skill development as he/she learns the importance of teamwork.

Campers will be exposed to a different activity each day of the week. Activities include wilderness activities, karate, hockey, soccer, basketball, and ropes course.

Campers will work in teams and use toy building bricks to create stop-motion animation Gifs and trailers. 

Located in the shade under our covered Pavilion, campers will receive an introduction to the fundamentals of tennis. They will learn the basic rules and terminology, receive valuable instruction and drill practice in each element of the game, and receive instruction in all strokes and match play culminating with doubles play by the end of the week.

Campers will participate in canoeing, archery, rock climbing, land navigation with maps, and learning basic hiking and camping skills.