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O-Zone is designed for young teens, with a perfect blend of high-energy intentionality, and is a refuge for campers as they explore identity and discover true community. A week in O-Zone is filled with legendary experiences such as The Amazing Race and the high-flying canopy tour ropes course. Don't you want to come too?

Campers get to customize their week through "specialty tracks" and are given individualized attention from our dedicated group leaders who are role models they can respect.

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O-Zone Overview:

O-Zone campers are assigned a group leader for the week. That leader will be with their campers all day.

: 7th – 8th grade (grade just completed)

RATIO: 8 campers to 1 group leader

TEAMS: Romans vs. Galatians

PRICE: $259/week with a non-refundable $25 registration fee ($209 on Weeks 1 & 6)

DATES: 10 weeks to choose from beginning June 1st to August 6th

We are considering moving to Atlanta for part of next summer. We can't say enough about how amazing this camp is and how it shaped our son!

- Camp Parent

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O-Zone takes a teenager's summer to the next level in the most unforgettable way.

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