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This is more than just a fun summer job.

Your personal, spiritual, and professional development is priority as we train and guide our staff in leadership roles.

“I am SO EXCITED to come back next summer. I will be counting down the days, and I can’t wait for more leadership opportunities as well.”

- Camp Counselor

"CAA was such a blessing to me! I entered camp feeling intimidated about trying to bless kids all day long, but CAA is full of wonderful leadership and such a supportive team. Every step of the way, my group supported me through fatigue and overwhelm and gave me the best summer of my life. So many people showed me how to love others unconditionally, and by God’s grace we all grew so much! It has blessed me so much, even coming out of camp."

- Camp Counselor

“As someone who called myself a Christian before coming to work here, being a counselor has really only caused my faith to grow exponentially. Seeing these kids be transformed and being surrounded by so many strong believers has changed my faith and has changed me as a person for the better.”

- Camp Counselor

“I also loved interacting with campers and getting to know them. Being on production, chances we got to play with campers or talk with them were also very special and I really love them!”

- Camp Counselor

"Truly, Camp All American is the place to be. Summer 2023 was my first time ever to be apart of CAA, so I was a little nervous walking into it. However, everyone was truly so welcoming and encouraging all throughout the summer. It was incredible to watch your campers encounter the Lord, and just get to bring the gospel into every activity we were doing. This helped me have an eternal mindset outside of camp, and to continuously think about the Lord and relate Him to all things that I do. In addition, I made eternal friendships that even after camp I have stayed in contact with. Overall, at camp I got to try new things, create kingdom minded friendships, and truly just see God work all throughout camp."

- Camp Counselor

“By far my favorite thing about this summer was the Godly community. I have never had a solid group of friends who truly love the Lord until this summer. I have prayed for a community like this my entire life, and i am so thankful for the people I have met.”

- Camp Counselor