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This is a place where everyone belongs...

unless you're peanut butter.

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The Most Fun You've Ever Had

The Most Known You've Ever Been.

Camp All-American has all the bells, whistles, and pools to make any kid's dreams come true in every way! And while we specialize in making ordinary moments into incredibly fun memories, the goal of our camp is bigger than fun.

Camp is a place for rich friendships. Camp is a place for big conversations. Camp is a place for families to feel welcomed and known. Camp is a silly, crazy time. Camp is organized. Camp is obsessed with spirit. Camp is a place that strives to love well. Camp is a ministry to the community. Camp is unforgettable. And because of all of these things, Camp is the place to be.

See what Camp All-American has to offer and why it's "the place to be" for a summer full of memories.